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What do I do for sellers?

I love marketing and marketing is super important when selling your home. I especially focus on video marketing because of the reach it can get! Exposing your home to as many potential buyers as possible helps you get the best buyer for your home. I have had a TikTok video about a home hit 1.2 million views, that's a lot of people that got to see a clip of a home! That doesn't have to be the only way that I market your home, so I give different options for how you want me to market your home. Contact me if you would like to set up an appointment where we can discuss the different options, it won't cost you anything to meet with me.

When to reach out for me to list your home? 

Whenever you are thinking about it! No, seriously please reach out early, so I can tell you what you may need to do now to sell even if it's 1 year down the line or even 5! It puts less stress on you as well, which is why I am creating the seller checklist. :-)

Seller's checklist 

I am currently creating an easy, medium, and hard mode seller checklist. This checklist will be free to seller's, but I will also be attaching videos made by me to explain it . This will be coming soon as a tab soon, but I will also provide a checklist now if you need it now!

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